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About the Author

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope that you enjoy , my first children’s book, “The Little Prince and Princess Ball.”  This delightful  fairy tale was originally written in 2008 as my first play.  It has been performed in my town, as well as surrounding towns yearly. It is with great joy that it has been made available in book form.

I’m a native of Boston, Massachusetts, currently residing in Brockton, MA. I’m a mom of three grown children, and have two grandchildren.  Most of my time is spent as a children’s minister.  I’m also a playwright, puppeteer, and the creator , and host of “The Hangout Puppet Playhouse Theater,” a Public Community Access television show.

Joann Kinlaw


As a child, I always had a vivid imagination, and loved reading fiction. I also loved puppetry, and the many wonderful puppet shows on television.  It wasn’t until I became a Sunday school teacher that I began to explore puppetry and drama.  My fascination ranged from making puppets to creating puppet workshops to developing my own puppet playhouse theater for television.  I have also written six plays.

Inspiration for writing can be found everywhere.  Observing human nature is a rich resource for writing. I write because I love sharing my faith, and releasing the child within. I believe everyone is a kid at heart.