The Little Prince and Princess Ball

“The Little Prince and Princess Ball” is a story about a king, named King Lionhearted who rules over the  kingdom of Sleepynot, which is known throughout the realm for holding the Annual Little Prince and Princess Ball. All  of the  knights and Ladies in the realm were expected to attend as well. In a strange twist of events the royal crown has vanished, and King Lionhearted is frantic.

“King Lionhearted paced like a caged tiger. Oh my, what am I going to do? Who would dare do such a thing? The ball is only days away.  What am I going to do?”

The situation looked grim.  The royal court was full of suspects, and how quickly they turned on each other.  Nobody wanted to feel the king’s wrath.  But someone had to be the scapegoat.  It was only 3 days until the ball.  What a mess? Would the ball be cancelled?  What was the King going to do? The story is also a parable with an important life message revealed at the end.

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