Category "Childhood Education"


As all teachers, moms, and caretakers know, young children love to move about when discovering and learning new concepts. As a warm up review for sequential order of the alphabet, play a “Follow the Leader /Let’s get going ABC Jive”. The teacher-leader begins by reciting and moving to the sequential order of the letters. Children call out the letter and follow the movement.

Is it time for your extended family and friends to gather for a holiday party or backyard barbeque? This is a perfect time for your young child who is learning their letters and sounds to help with the party list. Have an adult to write all letters of the ABCs on a couple of sheets of construction paper and list letters alphabetically. With your young learner, have them name as many family members as they can think of who usually come to family celebrations. With the Alphabet in full view and letters printed in square-like spaces, your beginner reader will recall a family member by name and, then, your little one will sound out their name and will place that name under the square indicating the beginning sound of the family member who is coming. If squares are large enough, your child could draw a picture of –say- “Aunt Martha” with the big, huge earrings! Save their creative drawings to share at other family parties and do not forget to put dates on the large family chart. The adults will remember the events and will cherish all of the sweet memories, the fun, and the creative talent of yesteryear.