Reading Stories can Modify the Brain

For readers, the fact that stories can change a person is nothing new. But a new study shows that reading a story book can bring real change in the brain, which persist for a few days even after the book ends.

Stories help shape our lives, and sometimes help define a person. We want to understand how they enter our brain, and we are able to do with it.

While other research in this area began to use MRI to identify brain networks associated with reading, especially as people read, the natural effects of the story remain in the brain after this activity.

Researchers do not yet know how to say how far these changes can go, but they have persisted for at least the first five days after the reading, analyzed in this study. “The fact that these effects detected a few days after reading a novel randomly suggests that favorite novels of a person can trigger more intense and lasting effects,” says the researcher.

Importance of Reading

Reading is a powerful habit that makes us know worlds and ideas. Discover the importance of reading for all ages!

Today, reading a picture book does not mean read text and image is this and more. You enjoy the format, use the framework, the relationship between the cover and the guards and its contents, the text of poetry conjunction with the poetry of design….

The child, who has nothing silly, give attention to all this spontaneously, you perceive around the world from the images. On a daily basis, if you try to read a story with your children, does not work. They want anyway follow the narrative with the illustration that exists on every page… As time passes, however, the small grow up and lose this direct communication with the visual world. “Overall, we are encouraged to read only the text, focus on it … The picture book is to develop our visual education that is very precarious.

To transform the idea, the concept into something real, illustrated book feeds the fantasy, enhancing its must-read paper since childhood. For one simple reason: “Imagination is a component of intelligence and creativity,”.

One of the qualities of the picture book (or book image) is thus to train the eye of the player so that he understands all the artistic subtleties of the work at hand. About six years now, including the production of this type of work is so complex that its creator no longer recognized only as an illustrator, but author a full work (sometimes with text, sometimes with only images) by leading publishers in the country. It is a niche market that continues to grow, by the way. It’s a time of great trial, approach to the visual arts in its production, – confirms BlueBerry Illustrations, a children book illustrtor company, having a team of artists and teachers.

The illustrated book is an opportunity to take home a sophisticated art that encourages the education, something important not only for the child but also for parents.

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